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              Welcome to the HuaShuo Group website



              Huashuo Group - Fenghua Zhengmao fruitful

              • 2005
              • 2007-2009
              • 2014
              • 2015
              • 2016
              • 2017
              • 2018-2019
              • 2020
              • 2021
              • __2005__

                As the predecessor of the ASUS Holding Group, Jiangxi ASUS Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was formally established, with the development and sales of the real estate sector as its business port. In the same year, it acquired the Gaoan Construction Company and changed its name to Jiangxi ASUS Construction Group Co., Ltd. as a group construction project investment Operations.

              • __2007-2009__

                Relying on the city’s good business environment and the efforts of all ASUS people, the group has successively established Jiangxi ASUS Construction Engineering Group Concrete Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Gaoan Ruijiu Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi ASUS Ceramics Co., Ltd. Industry, materials, wine industry.

              • __2014_

                The group has reached in-depth cooperation with well-known artist, host, and national first-class actor Mr. Wang Gang. Mr. Wang Gang officially endorsed the ASUS Group and the Golden Butler brand under the Ceramic Project to promote the group's brand upgrade.

              • __2015__

                The real estate project officially entered the Nanchang market, invested heavily in the development of the residential "ASUS ? Yulong Yuan", realized the product concept of "building a boutique community, residential trend", and set a new standard in the provincial real estate industry with high-end quality.

              • __2016__

                The Group All-ceramics acquired Jiangxi Ruixue Ceramics Co., Ltd., and the monthly production capacity of the ceramic project exceeded 200 million, becoming the top ceramic enterprise in Jiangxi ceramic production area.

              • __2017__

                The group officially changed its name to Jiangxi ASUS Investment Group, with an annual sales volume of about 4.5 billion, and officially entered the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi Province. The group officially strives for the corporate dream of “being a century-old enterprise and creating tens of billions of goals”.

              • __2018-2019__

                The group's industries have entered a rapid development pace. Real estate projects have been stationed in Yichun City and Zhangshu City. The annual turnover of the group has exceeded 6 billion, and it has officially entered the top 50 private enterprises in the province and the top 25 private enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

              • __2020__

                The ceramics industry of the group ushered in a major change. Within one year, it successively acquired wholly-owned Jiangxi Xinjingxiang Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Zhengda Ceramics Co., Ltd., and now has a total of 20 green and intelligent production lines, with a monthly production capacity of over 400 million yuan, ranking among the top The top three in the country. The group's turnover reached 8 billion.

              • __2021__

                In 2021, the group won the "2021 China Ceramics · Intelligent Manufacturing Top Ten", Golden Butler Ceramics won the "2021 China Ceramics · Leading Brand" moral fashion ceramics won the "2021 China Ceramics · Outstanding Quality Award".


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